About Us

DC Books is one of the prestigious literary publishing houses in India which was established in 1974. It is the first ISO certified publishing house in India. DC Books is considered to have the highest pool of intellectual property /content suited for the Indian market. DC Books publish about 1500 books of all genres a year, making it one of the largest literary publishers of India. DC Books has more than 48 outlets in all major cities of South India and also in Middle East regions like Dubai, Muscat, Sharjah and Ajman. The publishing house also boasts print and e-magazines, namely

  • Emerging Kerala—The periodical brings the recent expansion and establishments in Kerala’s business—making the state foremost economically and socially at one click.
  • Education Insider—The best encyclopaedia on education covering regional as well as international happenings in the field of education.
  • Future Medicine—The progressive magazine on medical world offers credible, authentic and detailed news and views related to medical sector.
  • Travel and Flavors—A tour to the exciting and outlandish places in the world.
  • Money Indices—The magazine covers the business and entrepreneur related news and views.
  • Pachakuthira—is a multifarious magazine covering topics like current affairs, social issues, politics, science, inventions, culture, literature, interviews and opinions.
  • Current Books Bulletin—encloses various write ups on Malayalam and English books, interviews, analysis, new books released and literature news.
  • DCB News—An infotainment, it encloses the new arrivals of books, write-ups related to books, latest news, book reviews, stories and bestsellers.